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Resident Evil 4: Capcom announces Separate Ways DLC, arrives in a week

Capcom has announced a new DLC for the acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways a new story coming out on September 21 that will see Ada Wong on a clandestine mission that reunites her with Leon S. Kennedy during her adventure to search for the missing daughter of the president.

In Separate Ways, Ada Wong travels to a rural and lonely part of Europe to infiltrate a village controlled by the religious group known as Los Iluminados. On Albert Wesker's orders, Ada is tasked with obtaining the sect's darkest secret: a mysterious material known as "Amber". His operation is intertwined with Leon S. Kennedy's mission to find the president's missing daughter, providing an alternative perspective to the main story and unveiling the events unfolding behind the scenes.

In addition to the acclaimed combat mechanics, weapons and knives of Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways introduces another feature that takes fast-paced action to new levels: for this exciting mission, Ada is armed with a Grappling Gun that can be used to swing through precipices, make rapid ascents and dive into the depths below. He can also wield the device in combat to take on enemies up close and launch melee attacks from afar.

We leave you to a trailer that shows us the new DLC:

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