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From Thailand is coming the horror game Home Sweet Home

di maguzzolo P 4 ott 2018 14:23
What better time of the arrival of Halloween to grapple with a new first-person survival horror ? If the idea inspires, Thai Yggdrazil Study Group announced the imminent exit of Home Sweet Home , an adventure with a strong exploratory component which acts as a sort of Amnesia Thai spiced with myths and legends.

In Home Sweet Home wake up as the protagonist, Tom, in an abandoned building whose rooms serve as a stage for strange apparitions, mysterious visions. One thing soon becomes clear: you will not be alone in the building. A female-like ghost takes aim at Tom, and not with good intentions: it will serve all the courage of the hero to come out alive from this unique " home sweet home ".

These premises are not shining for originality, but the developers of Yggdrazil Group, based in Bangkok, rely on rich Thai folklore to endow the narrative, which promises to be excellent and solid, atmosphere peculiar.

Home Sweet Home can also count on the unfailing " scary moments ," intended to jump on your chairs, as well as on a series of riddles and puzzles added to enrich the gaming experience.

The game will be available for console on 16 October , we just have to leave you to the vision of the trailer!

MP Video - Home Sweet Home