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Create music with Track Lab, an exclusive for the upcoming August 22 PS VR

Little Chicken Game Company announced Track Lab : a new and innovative way to create music, to arrive on 22 August for PlayStation VR . Thanks to the unique approach that Track Lab adopts to compose the music, anyone can create original tracks in a fun and easy way.

But how does it work? In the game, first of all, you choose some samples and then placing them along the sequence of a "pulse" sync rhythmically. When samples meet the impulse, give life to the rhythm. Combined samples on the grid in time to create loops and sequences, and before you know it you will have your hands a track splitting!

Thanks to grid layout and processing blocks, giving the rhythm to the music becomes a breeze. Do you want to advance or retard a bit a heartbeat? You can do this simply by moving it along the grid. This mechanism so simple is the centerpiece of a powerful set of tools that expands as you learn to create increasingly complex music, allowing you to compose tracks really stunning.

If your desire has always been to compose great music, but you thought would never be possible, Track Lab is just the thing for you. We leave you to announce trailer where you can get an idea of the title: enjoy!

MP Video - Track Lab