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How Battlegrounds of Paladins there is shown in an hour of gameplay

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 7 gen 2018 09:45
After the announcement a few days ago, Hi-Rez Studios there put a lot to show us the new battle royale mode of the hero shooter F2P Paladins called Battlegrounds . The study has revealed an hour of gameplay of a pre-alpha version of this mode, showing us two different games using different heroes.

As you will see from the footage, after they met in the pre-game lobby players can click directly on the map the area of the island from which to start the match, with the ability to see what areas are choosing other players so as to decide whether to start immediately with the fights or position themselves in a deserted area. Once you have chosen the area, an airship brings all members of the same team in the designated area so that they start close to each other, after which starts the action. Players can retrieve their mounts to proceed more shipped and enter homes to pillage them, while a deadly fog gradually narrows the playing area.

But once they start fighting you would see the biggest differences compared to other titles battle royale: thanks to the fact that the heroes are already equipped with their skills and weapons, the action is much more direct and hectic and you do not notice the mechanical one of cautious m stealth moves and waiting for the typical enemy PUBG.

When a player is killed, has one last chance to stay in the game: he transforms into a small hen, with a chance to get away from the action before he was killed. If he succeeds and finds a safe haven, the other members of the team can then resurrect him.

We leave you to your movie, remembering that the game will be Battlegrounds F2P mode as the main title and should be here-at least in beta-by the end of March. Good vision!

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