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Hi-Rez Studios Announces a battle royale mode for Paladins

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 4 gen 2018 18:11
Hi-Rez Studios announced today that the hero-F2P shooter Paladins will have this year a new team battle royale mode called very originally Battlegrounds ; This mode will propose a huge game map wide about 300 times the normal maps, in which 100 players will clash using the powers of their characters and the ability to fit mounts with which cover more quickly the wide playing area.

This move follows the current fashion of the titles battle royale, erupted with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and followed by other titles including, recently, Fortnite ; and as for the title Battle Royale mode of Epic Games, which adds to the formula of the kind the fortification and crafting of the defenses, Paladins will introduce a new element in the genre, i.e. the mechanics from hero-shooter with distinctive characters and very different from each other. In practice this mode is meant to be a cross between Overwatch and PUBG : a bomb on paper, but of course it's to test how the whole thing will be done.

We leave you to announce trailer of this mode, while if didn't know Paladins you can download from Games Store . Good vision!

MP Video - Paladins