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Tekken 7: Geese Howard of Fatal Fury arrives on 30 November; trailer

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 29 nov 2017 11:03
Bandai Namco revealed the release date of the DLC that adds Geese Howard from Fatal Fury among the playable characters in Tekken 7 and which will be available as paid content by 30 November. The DLC was announced several months ago and, in addition to Geese Howard , also adds a new stage and new costumes.

Finally Geese Howard can also be used in the new mode "Ultimate Tekken Bowl" posted with previous downloadable content but may not be added in story mode.

For the occasion was posted a new trailer showing us Geese Howard in combat against some opponents who offers an overview of some moves. We show it here: enjoy!

MP Video - Tekken 7