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A new trailer for the cinematic sci-fi platformer Star Child, to be released in 2018 for PS VR

Sony has released a new trailer of Star Child that gives a look deeper at PlayStation game VR announced this summer at E3 by Playful and GameTrust. Star Child is a cinematic platformer that follows the journey of Spectra and its partner on an important mission on an alien planet.

After he lost, the two make the discovery by an overwhelming force and hostile that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal point of the game, Spectra will get the ability to take control of the world around her slowly, making it possible to combat it.

" With Star Child we were dragged in the elegant simplicity of the genus platformer, where you can convey a huge amount of storytelling " said developers. " We explored the subtle power of telling a story through the ever-changing environments and cinematic visual, as well as animations of the characters, especially in the way that players can carry on Spectra and learn how manage the surrounding areas ".

" Further emphasised by the magic of virtual reality, these items will reach a new dimension as Spectra's power increases and she starts to move deep into this strange world full of dark mysteries ".

" Inspired by many science fiction adventures, Star Child is both a mystery and a journey of self-discovery. When Spectra explores the unknown world and meet desperate situations, the help comes from the inside out, leading the player to an amazing and deserved victory . "

Star Child will arrive in the exclusive PSVR 2018. We leave you to your new video: enjoy!

MP Video - Star Child