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The real-time strategy title for PS VR No Heroes Allowed! is now shipping

Sony has announced that it's now available for PS VR real-time strategy title No Heroes Allowed! VR . The original title for PSP, What Did I Do to Deserve This My Lord? , the goal was to move blocks of land within a Dungeon to repel the invasion of the heroes willing to capture Badman.

This time, the game takes place on the surface, on a battlefield like a diorama, and the goal is to summon monsters, defeat the heroes and destroy the Castle where the enemy King and Princess.

Now you can create the monsters by selecting a nest and placing it on the ground with the God-With. To use your powers, however, you will need the charism points. The stronger the nest and the more points you will need. The nests can be placed only in areas of the Netherworld of purple color. Fix nests will expand also the territory of the Netherworld, therefore place new continued to expand.

Each monster has its own level of resistance. Although not fight directly against the heroes, they will begin to lose strength due to hunger. The monsters have to eat to recover stamina and not starve.

When you create your army, therefore, point to strong monsters might give you a benefit in the short term, but in the long run you might blow it up in smoke if you do not have enough food to feed your Horde. The world is cruel, so understand how the food chain and create a balanced ecosystem is critical to keep your Horde!

Then there are the monsters trusted and faithful. Have a special appearance and only require your attention for their efforts, so don't miss the opportunity to use the VR to come closer and enjoy the show as they move back and forth busy.

The transition from an underground world made of blocks to one on the surface has brought a greater diversity in the composition of the levels. From forests to deserts, through snow-covered volcanoes and plateaus, each level has its own unique look and aim to offer a different challenge.

In the picture below you can see Heroes remaining on the sand like on a conveyor belt. How will your monsters to stop them? Soon you will discover all the ways in which levels can affect the gameplay.

We leave you now to launch trailer and images informing you that No Heroes Allowed! VR is sold at the price of €29.99. Good vision!

MP Video - No Heroes Allowed! VR