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PlayStation VR is updated with a hardware revision coming to market

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 3 ott 2017 13:21
Sony announced the arrival of a new hardware revision of PlayStation VR , which will introduce small but important improvements to virtual reality Viewer; for sale in the next few months, the new console cable PSVR will have a smaller and therefore less obstruction to the player, as well as integrated headsets in the viewer and a processor unit (outdoor unit that connects the console to display and Tv) that supports the current lack of unity, important HDR.

The new Viewer will not have a different name and will be sold in the same box of the current model: the only way to tell them apart will locate your model number on the box, identified by the initials CUH-ZVR2 .

We leave you now with a picture of the new Viewer with integrated headsets: can be found below.